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Hi everyone.
Just to let you know where Xx_darkshines_xX is at. She's really busy with RL at the moment and I said I'd post a quick update.

**Steve and Jason have both replied and have said they'd love to come over.**

*waves hands wildly in excitement*

Now we need to arrange dates suitable to them both, which we're trying to do, and raise the funds necessary to get them over here.

If anyone has any fund raising ideas, please shout out! We thought about a fic auction, and a few people have said they'd get involved, myself included... what does anyone think?
We're also looking at possible sponsorship of the event.
That's it really. Once we know anymore, we'll let you know. : )

The start of things to come


I'm trying to get Steve and Jason together to play a gig in the North-West of England since they usually only get a chance to play down South.
I've been in contact with both of them and they are both interested in coming over if we can work out the details.

I'm looking at holding the gig in Liverpool at the Convention Centre side of the Echo Arena & Convention Centre (ACC for short). This is the venue hosting the MTV European Music Awards (tomorrow night!) for more info this is their website:

Liverpool is currently the Capital of Culture and there's a lot of work being done to the City making it a fantastic place to visit in its own right. It's the home of The Beatles, Liverpool and Everton football clubs and you can even take a ride on a 'Ferry 'Cross The Mersey' among other tourist attractions I'm sure will appear on Google.

So I have the interest of the guys and a possible location sorted for the minute. I'm aiming to time this sometime in the summer of '09 probably sometime from June onwards. The ticket price is still to be confirmed but it will be between £10 and £15

Now all's I need are you guys.
There are a couple of rooms in the Convention Centre that I'm looking to choose between, at the moment it's coming down to how much interest there is for people to come and see Steve and Jason play in Liverpool (this will also have an effect on the ticket price).

I thought it would be a nice idea if I could show Jason and Steve a petition of sorts*. So if you're interested in coming I'd be really grateful if you could comment to this post (or email me at: in the form of:

Location Traveling From:
Reason You Want To See Steve & Jason In Liverpool:

Signing up here will not obligate you to buy a ticket, it is purely to give me an indication of interest.

I'll be seeing Jason later this month when he plays down in London so I'm planning to show him this list of you all so he can see what he's been missing up here in the North! - Likewise I'll send the list to Steve.

The more people the merrier so if you know of anyone you think would also like to attend please send them this way and feel free to repost anywhere you see fit. I'll be making announcements on a few forums and comms.
In the words of Kripke: "Tell A Friend To Tell A Friend"

and if there's anything else you'd like to know, dont hesitate to contact me! 

* - The original idea for this started from realscape  suggesting to start a petition to get the guys to play in the North. Its all her fault *points* :D

and a HUGE thank you to
</span> kes1807  She has been a total star helping me out with the LJ codes and and she created the fantastic header that pretties up this page!! 

Poll #1292203 Are You Interested?

Are You Interested In Coming?

Yes - I'll be there
Yes - but it might depend on ticket cost
I hope to be
It's too far to travel
No - I dont have any interest in seeing Steve or Jason

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Hey guys, thanks for checking this out. It's very much a work in progress at the moment so please bear with me but things are starting to move fast so watch this space 'cause there will be some updates very soon! 
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